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Erupting volcano

What's At Stake

Today, more than 1 billion people have inadequate access to energy, water and food. As the world population continues to grow to over 9 billion this century, demand for these resources will increase.

About Us

At Stanford Earth, we develop the knowledge, talent, and leadership to understand the changing Earth and help solve the enormous resource and environmental challenges facing the world. We are committed to a collaborative, collegial, inclusive, and tolerant community.

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School News

Noah Diffenbaugh
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford Earth's Noah Diffenbaugh has been appointed to the newly established California Climate-Safe Infrastructure Working Group to help address the effects of climate change on the state.

student draws brainstorm ideas on wall
Stanford News Service

Op-eds written by Stanford students have begun to be published — one outcome of a new Stanford Earth class that teaches students how to advocate for environmental policy issues.

wind mills
Stanford News Service

Stanford Earth's Eric Lambin, a professor of Earth system science, received a 2017 Environmental Venture Projects grant from the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment to assess adults' perceptions of pro-environment labeling on tobacco products.

In The News

surfer at rest at shore
The New York Times

oah Diffenbaugh details how California's climate-friendly policies and a healthy economy go hand-in-hand in New York Times op-ed.

surfer standing on the beach
The New York Times

California offers lessons on how to deal with climate change that are broadly applicable to other states, cities and corporations, Noah Diffenbaugh says.

Monterey County Weekly

Rosemary Knight and her Stanford Earth team have found a considerable amount of freshwater in Marina's shallower aquifers.